Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Swap Success Story

Hi friends, it's Melissa, are you ready to Swap??
Yeah, I am & I'm so looking forward to being with you all tonight.
I wanted to just share a quick S.S.S {Swap Success Story} with you all.
My friend Texie came to our very 1st Swap last year. A green bowling bag caught her eye & she put one of her clothes pins on it- hoping to get it.
When I asked her what she had placed her clips on & she told me I asked her, "Do you bowl?" & she said, "Yes, I was just asked to be on a team but I need to get a ball & a bag"
Well once the Swap began Texie got her bag & guess what-
She is now an official member of the Queen Pins bowling team & plays 2x a month in Layton & her bag goes with her every time to the alley
So you never know what will catch your eye at the Swap or what it could lead to you doing. My favorite part of this story is that Tex just saw the bag & loved it right off the bat & wanted it right then. That is so my policy in life {out when I'm antiquing, shopping or just junking} if I see something that just makes me happy & I fall in love with it I get it.
{There have been times when I haven't & still regret not acting on it}
So anyway- here's to the Swap! Hope you all find something that makes you happy tonight & met a few new friends along the way- YiPPee!! So excited.
See you all soon,


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to your swap...I have so much it's so hard to narrow it down, that means I can go to many more of these swaps!
    Looking forward to this evening, and thanks so much for posting the blogs, nice to see those I am familiar with and meet new swap friends!

  2. Is it hard to find? I am worried I will get lost. Can I have you # so if I get lost I can call you? Can't wait!!