Monday, August 29, 2011

Checking in & be on the look-out!

  Hi everyone!  Hope you have had a wonderful Summer & are looking forward to the Fall & the change in weather as much as I am & of coarse to the 365 Swap. 

The Cultivate Girls & I got together today for lunch {at Arella's in Bountiful- yummy pizza & a great atmosphere} to discuss some FaBULOUS new ideas for the 365 Swap.  It is going to be great, inspiring & a delight for sure.  I'm excited to met so many new Swap- ettes this time around. It should be a fun time for sure! 
{if you didn't get a ticket this time- don't worry there will always be another one ;) }

-my notes from the meeting & a pack of scissors tied up with a bow that I brought each one of the Cultivate girls, you can never have too many scissors around the house, right?!-

All of you who purchased a ticket- you're going to have a really, really fun reason to go to your mailbox in the next couple of days. Something wonderful & fabulous will be waiting for you in there. YiPPEe!! 

Only 24 more days to get your pile of goods all together!
See you all soon- have a nice night.

*Thanks Haley, Becky, Erin, Sheryl & Nicole for lunch today- it's always fun to get together with you creative ladies! {This Swap is going to be a good one!!} 

Monday, August 8, 2011


HOorAy!!!! Its going to be a fantastic evening.....keep your eyes out for your mailed invites:) 
In the mean time....start collecting your 365SwAp can be anything in great condition, that YOU would want to bring home....
 {but you won't because you'll be bringing it.....:)}

P.S. For those of you who have purchased multiple tickets, Ill need the mailing addresses of your guests - that way i can mail them an invite.  Otherwise I'll mail all of the invites to you - either way let me know what you want! { }

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Come join the fun!!!

We can't wait to see you all here!!
*Purchase your ticket (at the link to the right) and get an official SwAP#3 invite in the mail!
*Start collecting your swap pile.
{anything that is in great condition that needs a new loving home}
*All the instructions/suggestions/specifics will be on your fabulous invite:)
*Begin dreaming of all the treasure's you'll be taking home, the yummy food you'll get to eat, and all the other 'junkie' friends you'll make:)