Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet gift exchange!

Hello... everyone!  Just a quick sneak at what the Cultivate girls have been up to lately.  
We are still meeting, eating, chatting each & every month & don't worry plans will soon be in the works for The 365 SWaP coming up in June!  
{Stay tuned for more details}  

This past month we created a little gift exchange between all of us.  We each had another member of the group's name to decorate & fill up a box or give something sweet & special for Valentines Day. It was so fun to met & give the gifts yesterday. 
{I had just as much fun watching everyone open theirs as I did my own} 
Each box was personal & created with love for the designated Cultivate girl.  So much originality & creativity went into each box- so fun! 
Can't wait to do it all again next year. 

- All of us girls ready to dive into our gifts- 

-Erin's vintage inspired heart from Sheryl- 

-Becky's darling gift from Erin.  By the way Becky looked so festive in her outfit yesterday- 

-Haley's gift from Nicole- love the H!- 

My gift from Haley- that box weighed at least 6 lbs!.  To see what was in my box head over to my blog- hollyhocks-honeybees.blogspot.com

- Sheryl's heartbox from me- 

-Nicole's gift from Becky- 
By the way lunch here was delightful & will be such a fun place to stop by to grab lunch once the City Creek shopping area is up & running. I'm sure it will be bustling next month for sure.