Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here they all are..the pictures you've been waiting with bated breath for..right? right?!
I knew it:)

well, to start...this is us (plus our cool extra guest:)

some of the decor...having nothing match made decorating super easy!
signing in..

and the fabulous cupcakes.....
and the food..yum!
(....seriously who would put margarine on their bread???)

(if it's you...don't feel bad - my mom does too:)

and then the 'please take home a bag' candy buffett...

and now....all the 365'stuff!'

 (it was hard to decide!)
some of the swap-ettes..aren't they cute?!
and more stuff...

more swap-ettes ahead!

 and more stuff:) Isn't it fun to look at?

here's to the winners!! YAY!

all cleaned up, and every fanta sipped away...sigh...can't wait for the fall 365 SWAP #3!


  1. Oh, I love, love, love the pictures! What a fabulous night, can't wait for the Fall 465 Swap! So glad we had a BIG enough frame to fit all the cute "Swap-ettes" in- see you all tomorrow on Studio 5. Off to get some beauty sleep ;)

  2. Hi, I am from Alabama and would like to have a swap to benefit the Tornado relief efforts in our state. I was thinking of asking for a $5.oo donation to sit up. My guestion is. can you send me a copy of your invite. I have looked at the blogs and can not find a invite. I thank you for your help.

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  4. um, this may be the BEST IDEA EVER!!! Love it! so, how do I get invited? And can i bring friends? Love it soo much! please email me at Thanks so much ladies!!

  5. I just watched your cute clip on Studio 5 - How much fun was that!!! Seriously so creative and tons of fun!!! (was sad i didn't win the drawing so I could come join the fun) But looks like you all had a blast - such clever ideas!!!!

  6. would love a future invite - email me the details of how to get involved:)

  7. I can only imagine all the work that went into this but it doesn't scare me away. I want to do something similar in my neck of the country (Casper, WY). I would love to know how you worded your invites so people didn't just, like, kids toys and clothes and stuff. When people I've talked to think of swap, they think of clothing their children have outgrown, but your's seems and feels much more boutique like and I LOVE IT! Any details would be loved and appreciated.

  8. We are so exited to hear about your interest in the swap. Our 365 swap is by invite only, this spring we did a drawing for 5 lucky winners in addition to the invites we sent out. We are working on the details for the next swap. We are not sure yet how we are going to do it but keep checking out the blog, we will let everyone know how they can come. As far as how we did our invites, we (6 cultivate girls) each made our own 10 invites. We had a few rules. Only 7 items per person, items could be anything pretty, useful, old, new. Items needed to be well cared for, clothes needed to be tied and bundled by size. Any thing left over went to charity.

    Have fun and good luck throwing your own swap, let us know what you name it and how it go’s.

  9. I would like to see a copy of the invite as well. I'm looking to do this in my neighborhood and want to make sure I explain everything correctly.