Monday, May 23, 2011

She did it!!

I know this is old news to most of you..but...there might be some of you out there who haven't heard, and for the won't hurt to watch it again:) 
Melissa was on Studio 5! Talking all about our 365 SwAp! How fun! And she was amazing! check it out, and see for yourself....

Doesn't she look so cute?  Didn't she do great? Can you imagine doing such a thing? Such courage:):)

Now its time to start thinking/planning for the 365 SawP #3 - yay!


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  2. She did do great; she did look cute! I would love to participate in this if you ever have an opening!

  3. Korrie...just keep coming back:) we'll have another drawing for some lucky blog stalkers to be invited to Sawp#3 in September:) hope to see more of you!

  4. Thanks Haley! So glad you & Nicole were there to keep me calm & Choc. Chip cookies in hand too- even better! Thanks Friend :) Swap #3- YiPPee!! See you on the 6th to re-cap & plan, can't wait.

  5. i want in on this 365 swap where can i get details?