Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Ladies and...well...Ladies:
Coming under the big top
the greatest SWAP on earth!!! (at least we think so)
The Cultivate gals have put their heads (and hearts) together 
to create an evening full of amusements & attractions never seen before!
The food will be delightful, delectable & delicious  (we are not clowning around here) 
We have stepped it up a notch and hope you are getting in the swing of things too!!!
Here are a few things to help make this show the best ever ;)
*write your name on the tags (you could write something about what you are giving, or an idea of what to do with it)
*attach the tags to your items to swap
*remember to bring four items that need a new home~
these can be anything...maybe its something you never found that perfect spot for, or never got around to making over...or something wonderful that you are just through with~        you get the idea!
*if you feel a little sad about giving it away...but happy someone will LOVE it...then you've made a good choice :)
~Here are some things I am "swappy to share"~
(try to say that three times really fast!)
*most important come ready to laugh & have fun
 (laughter is an instant vacation you know)

1 comment:

  1. So excited to Swap with you all! Now to decide on my 4 things to bring.. hmm...! Can't wait to see what you all bring too. See you all very soon- it's going to be FuN!!