Thursday, June 9, 2011

Better late than never!

  Found these on my computer today & thought they were worth posting. 
They were a few quick snap shots I took while the photographer extraordinaire {Haley} stepped away for a bit during the 365 Swap.  

Brings back some great memories of the Swap!! 

-Look at this fabulous looking darling group!  So glad you all came
{& thanks again for all the Scrumptious cupcakes J & K a.k.a Whimsy Cupcake girls} -

 One happy Swapper-  Ticey enjoying taking a break & keeping a close eye on her stash! 
{fun stuff!}
-P double S- did you know that Haley made that frame just to display all those amazing earrings - great idea!  

I'm sure this little one will love rocking away in that adorable blue rocker. 
{Wonder if it stayed that color or if it got a paint job? Hmmm... }  

Ahhh... what a great night.  We'll have to do it again soon {*wink, wink*}
-info. on that & more Cultivate goings on coming soon-


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